Electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS ) is an electronic payment system involving electronic funds transfers based on the use of payment cards, such as debit or credit cards, at payment terminals located at points of sale.

EMV is a set of international standards that defines the interoperability of transactions between chip based payment devices such as cards, key fobs and smart phones with payment acceptance terminals across the international payments landscape.

EMV enables payment transactions through the introduction of cryptographic functions and dynamic data. The cryptographic functions allow the terminal or issuer to verify the authenticity of the card. The dynamic data is unique to each transaction and cannot be replicated. This devalues the transaction data in flight and reduces the risk of counterfeit fraud.

The flow of an EMV transaction is significantly different than for a magnetic stripe transaction. Unlike a magnetic stripe transaction, there is a considerable amount of communication that occurs between the card and the terminal in an EMV transaction. To complete a chip transaction, the card and the terminal complete a series of steps:

Mars Data Systems has tremendous experience in developing EFT-POS application for Banking like EMV,DCC and etc same way for non-banking application like Loyalty,ePurse,Petroleam and etc.

Suppored Transaction Types

• Sale

• Pre-Authorisation

• Pre-Authorisation Completion

• Offline

• Void/Cancel

• Refund

• Pre-Receipt

• Pre-Receipt Completion

• Cash Advance

• Cash Back

• Mail/Telephone Order (MOTO)

• Adjustment

• DCC Rate Lookup

• Report ( Detail & Summary)

• Settlement

• RePrint Receipt

• Param Manager

• Application Download

Welcome to MARS-TMS. MARS-TMS is also referred to as MTMS/TMS in this document. MTMS is a POS terminal management system developed by Mars Data Systems, India, which extensive experience in POS remote downloading and database management. MTMS is the centralized management solutions for the growing POS terminals maintenance work. It is convenient for customer to manage all terminals with friendly interface.

MTMS is a scalable, secure, multi-user client-server software product designed to manage any POS terminals. It features powerful, yet easy to use download capabilities, including download monitoring, compressed downloads and multi-application support and comprehensive report generation.

The major components of TMS are

• Terminal Download Server – TDS (Server Mode)

• Terminal Management System – TMS (Client Mode)

• MS-SQL Database (Server Mode)

System Architecture

MARS PIN Security Key Injection Software is used for injecting ZMK & TPK Keys to the POS Android Merchant Terminals. ZMK is generated using 3 components entered by Key custodian. The generated ZMK is stored in A90 SAM Server terminal for security reason. ZMK is not stored in PC or database. KMS communicate with HSM for each terminal to get encrypted TPK. TPK encrypted under LMK is defied in Auth Switch against the terminal record. TPK encrypted under ZMK is stored in database for injecting into Terminal.

The major components of KMS are

• PC based application(KMS)

• Android POS Terminal Application (SAM Server)

System Architecture

Encouraging continuous patronage of loyal Customers by rewarding them with gift / discount coupons is the basic concept of any Loyalty System. Currently, business establishments are launching such Loyalty Schemes, which involves:

• Planning the Scheme

• Executing it by printing pamphlets for publicity, printing the required gift / discount coupons etc.

• Manually distributing the coupons to regular Customers at every outlet

• Collection of all the Coupons by the Customers to redeem the benefits

The entire process is very laborious and time consuming. The Loyalty System introduces an automated way of promoting Loyalty, at the same time boost organizational sales by way of issuing Loyalty Cards, which is a novel idea.

Instead of the long process of printing coupons and issuing them to individual Customers, and the Customers accumulating the coupons and then redeeming benefits, Loyalty Cards which carry all details with respect to a Scheme, can be issued to Customers. Bonus points are awarded to the Customers for every purchase of a pre-defined amount and all the details of the purchase are recorded on the backend system against customer account. Customers can redeem the benefits at any of the authorized outlets of the business establishment that launched the Scheme.

LS owned by a Loyalty Service Provider enables a Scheme to be common across two or more Clients. Bonus points gained at one Client outlet would be redeemable at the other Client’s outlet.

The Loyalty System is an easy to use, extremely convenient system designed to work either as a standalone system or interface with the existing Card Systems.

The new loyalty program will need to incorporate unique tactical offers and value added benefits, including rewards for specific outlet visit frequency and high spend levels. To instil customer motivation, the program must deliver a high degree of “wow factor” and instant gratification such as surprise awards, instant free gifts and money saving coupons, as well as rewards carefully targeted to match the profile of the individual loyalty customer.

Loyalty System is a plastic card/microchip-based consumer loyalty program, which is based upon the accumulation and redemption of loyalty points through a wide and diverse range of collection and redemption channels. Designed to reward retail purchases. Incorporating the above requirements, Mars-Data proposes a Loyalty System that supports Single as well as Multiple purses.

The following pages give details about the System, its requirements and functionality.

Key Features

Loyalty System can function:

• On a global one Merchant level

• On a Group of outlets of a single Merchant level.

• On a specific outlet level of a Merchant

Loyalty system supports RFM.

• Recency:

 A gift coupon for visit between x and x time (Happy hour).

• Frequency:

 Option to track Frequency of visit for Generic purse as well as private purse application at both Merchant and outlet level.

 Option to provide free coupons/ extra points on the nth visit.

• Monitory:

 Gift coupon if Total value of single purchase exceeds ‘xxx’ Amount.

 Gift coupon if Total value of multiple purchases exceeds ‘xxx’ Amount.

 X% of bill value can be printed as a coupon for a discount against next purchase

Loyalty System rewards points based on the Scheme and generates coupons as well as can points based on the RFM.

System facilitates Single and Multiple coupons printing through the option of variables. Coupons can also be generated based on the Purchase History of the individual Customers.

System facilitates coupons independent of schemes like, marketing messages to be positioned at the bottom of the receipt.

Bonus points

 Double/ Triple points for a defined period maintained at the host .

 Transaction value based double points. More points for more spend.

 If single Transaction value exceeds ‘xxx’, then bonus points ‘yy’ can be given.

Redemption of points can be made through Merchant System supports both Online Redemption.

 PIN will only be used for redemptions. In addition to this PIN can also be set for any other Transactions like Purchase etc.

 An online adjustment of points at the time of redemption will occur on the generic as well as private purse.

Point’s value from the Loyalty System: All points will have the same generic “accumulation value” and “redemption value”:

 Common value of each point = 0.1x Amount Spent

 Standard accumulation value = 1% of spend value.

Merchants have the ability to award multiples of the standard “accumulation value” e.g.:

 Triple points = 3 points for each 10(Amount Spent)

 10 fold points = 10 points of each 10 (Amount Spent)

System Architecture

All Filling Stations will be equipped with the POS Terminals that have a built-in PIN pad for performing Sale, Revalue, Offline and etc transactions. Terminal can be used to complete the Sale transaction either by Private, Corporate, Small business smart cards. Terminal communicates with the Pump controller to get filling details of the transaction and on confirmation, terminal communicates online to Authorization system in Head office over GPRS/LAN for approval. During approval Auth system refers the Terminal, Site and card database to provide approval based on the restriction set to the card and store this transaction in the terminals.

The Revalue transactions are used for private card topup. Centrel revalue transactions are used for small business card to topup. The Sale, Revalue, Offline and etc transactions are stored in the same batch in the Terminal and uploaded to the Batch collection system at the End of Day. On successful Upload of transaction batch, BCS will download the full HOT Card list to the terminal along with terminal configuration parameters.

The Card Personalize System refers to the CMS database for obtaining the Customer details for Card personalization.

The Database Server, Card Personalization System, TLS, Authorization System, Card Management System, Security server, Key server and BCS at the Head Office are connected over a LAN.

System Components

♣ Central Management System (CMS)

♣ Online Authorization System (OAS)

♣ Card Personalization System (CPS)

♣ Key Management System (KMS)

♣ Security Server (SS)

♣ Batch Collection , Hotcard & POS Parameter Distribution System (BCS)

♣ Transaction Processing System (TPS)

♣ Terminal Management System (TMS)

♣ POS Terminal Application. (POS)

♣ Site Office System with Pump controller

System Architecture

Based on the any International School requirement Mars Data Systems committed to propose the School Automation with Student tracking system along with ePurse functionalities.

All the student and staff are issued ID cards with RFID & MiFare combined technology on single cards. Whenever student enters to school or bus the proposed system tracks these information to locate the student with the help of RFID readers in school main gate and MiFare reader at Bus and Library, pool and other locations wherever single entry. An RFID interrogator at the main gate detects students arriving in the morning . This Identification is stored in a central database, and various actions are then taken. The actions can be sending SMS message to the parents informing them of the safe arrivals to school or absent student only. However parents can browse the school web site to identify the child tacking details at any time. This message transmission is done automatically via the in-built software, and is available for viewing in a sent-log form for later use. It also eliminate the cash purchase at school like canteen, sports items and stationary shops and etc.

The computers required for transmission, interrogation and connectivity to the internet for bulk transmission of email or SMS are maintained at the school campus or web hosting location.

System Architecture

MARS provides a PINless top-up solution that enables real time top up of pre-paid mobile airtime at the point of sale without the need for PINs or printed vouchers. PIN-less Transaction Solution allows retailers to sell prepaid airtime through a much wider base of mobile agents than is currently possible using vouchers. Here user e-recharged with requested amount from terminal. Retailer will select PIN less e-recharge menu in POS terminal, inputs the retailer password to get retailer ID , end user’s mobile number, Operator ID and recharge denomination and submit the request to MARS Authorization server by industry standard ISO-8583 message type protocol format. Mars Server validates the request and after successful authorization, get gets the corresponding denomination PIN and connects to Operator Server with their own protocol format to top up. Operator Server directly credits the amount to End user as per their validation rules. It enables to reduce voucher distribution costs, replacing physically currently used scratch cards with an electronic transaction.

Android – a fastest growing operating system of smart phone devices has been popular with its each update. Its versatile, user friendly applications & flexibility has made it more favorite. Our expert team having updated knowledge of latest android release invents profitable android apps.

MARS capable of developing all type of Android based Mobile applications for transaction automation. However specialist in developing Banking card processing application like EMV Contact & Contactless Applications.

PAX A920

The PAX A920 is an elegantly designed compact secure portable payment terminal powered by an Android operating system. The A920 comes with a large high definition color display. A thermal printer that is neatly hidden to maximize usable screen area for customer facing transactions. Includes NFC contactless and electronic signature capture. Great battery life for portable use. Multiple connectivity: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth.

VanStone A90

We are familiar in all type of plain ID Cards, Magnetic stripe cards, Memory cards, Microprocessor based Smart Cards, MiFare cards and all type of Contactless cards. We personalize those cards based on customer requirements using all model of Zebra and DataCard printers.


• SLE Memory Cards

• MPCOS 3DES cards

• SCOSTA Cards

• SCOSTA-CL cards

• MiFare Cards

• DesFire Cards


• Zebra ZXP3 Series

• Zebra P330i

• DataCard SP30

• DataCard

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