MARS Data Systems (MARS) MARS Data Systems (MARS) was formed to become an industry leader that specializes in business consulting, EFT-POS solutions, Petroleum automation, e-Payment applications, smart card solutions, Loyalty, eWallet, eVoucher and Fleet management products.

MARS is committed to provide individuals and organizations of all sizes with cost-effective software development, consulting and solutions through a seem less integration of skilled manpower and cutting-edge technology that meet the client needs and enhance profitability through our world-class development center in Madurai, India

MARS decided to focus two major industries alone. One is Card Banking (Acquirer and Issuer) and another is Petroleum. As our Core team members highly qualified and are having last three decades of Banking and Petroleum automation business experience in Middle East, Africa and India.

MARS also made a decision to create/develop the product in INDIA, as to get very skilled and qualified software developer for low cost. Targeting market regions are Middle East, Africa and India.

MARS team has very good contacts and rapport with customers and distributors in MEA and Indian Sub Continent. Working in ME for last three decades, has given a good insight into Middle East business, culture, and most importantly market knowledge and know how.

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